WeedFree Plus

Tackle tough weeds with long-term effects!

As soon as the growing period starts in spring the unwanted vegetation is back again: weeds!
They take the crops water, nutrients, space and often light. This is where WeedFree Plus can help. With a unique combination of natural active ingredient it fights weeds with quick and long lasting effects.
WeedFree Plus
UK - Glyphosate freeUK - Weedfree
  • Active ingredient content 31.02 g/L pelargonic acid, 4.95 g/L maleic hydrazide
  • Long lasting, stops roots from growing
  • Visible results for weeds (e.g. goutweed) and grasses within 1 day after treatment Biodegradable


  • Ready-to-use spray
  • Drench the weeds thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active ingredients

Packaging: 750 ml trigger bottle
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Will the Weedkiller* products also damage my shrubs?
Can I also use WeedFree Plus* on the lawn?

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Superfast & Long Lasting Weedkiller
Superfast & Long Lasting Weedkiller
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