Sluggo® Slug & Snail Killer

Controls slugs reliably. Certified for organic use.

Slugs can cause an awful lot of damage in the garden. With Neudorff's
Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer* they can be effectively controlled without harming the environment. The pellets are rain resistant and swell when damp to make them even more attractive to slugs. They are biodegradable and unconsumed pellets convert into iron and phosphate in the soil, delivering added nutrients to the plants.
Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer
UK - Organic farmers and growers
  • Active ingredient content 10 g/kg Iron-III-phosphate, an iron compound that also occurs in nature -
  • Effectively controls slugs on all types of vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants in gardens and on allotments
  • Extremely resistant to rain due to innovative bait technology
  • No slime trials, no visible dead slugs

  • Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer Video

    Learn more about effective slug control here.


  • Scatter 5g/m2
  • No waiting time before harvest

Packaging: 300 g box, 500 g bottle, 800 g bottle, 1 kg box

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Sluggo Slug and Snail Killer* was not effective. I couldn´t see any dead slugs and snails or trails of slime!
Do I have to reapply Sluggo Slug and Snail Killer* immediately after rain?

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Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer
Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer
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