Neudorff – NemaSprayer

Neudorff – NemaSprayer
  • Enables the quick and easy application of the nematode products without a watering can
  • Ideal for pest control on the lawn
  • Compatible with all major hose brand fittings
  • Sprayer is pre-calibrated for Neudorff nematode

Background information

What are beneficial nematodes?
How do nematodes work?
How do I identify which product I need?
Do the Neudorff nematodes also work against other pests?
How long will nematodes take to work?
Are nematodes safe to use around children and pets?
Do I need to refrigerate Neudorff nematodes?
How many times do I need to apply the product?
What are the optimum weather conditions for the application for nematodes?
I have purchased my nematodes, when should I apply them?
How long do I need to mix / shake / agitate the sachet in water?
What temperature should the water be for mixing?
How do I apply the product in a NemaSprayer?
Should the soil be moist before and after the nematode application?
The sachet has not dissolved / the sachet is still inside the sprayer and the nematodes are still in the sachet?
ls it normal for residue to be left in the sprayer and what should I do with it?

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Additional product information

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NemaSprayer instruction sheet
NemaSprayer instruction sheet
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Nematodes leaflet
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