Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger

For healthy and vigorous growth

This highly effective and permanent solution increases the size of a plant’s root
system by up to 150 times, encouraging healthy and vigorous growth, strengthening
the plant against pests and disease and increasing the effectiveness of any fertiliser
Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger
Uk - OrganicUK - Child and pet safe
  • Increases the size of the root system by up to 150x
  • Encourages vigorous growth
  • Improves resistance to pests, disease, frost, drought and unfavourable pH conditions
  • Increases the effectiveness of any fertiliser used
  • Highly effective and permanent


  • 4 x 9 g is sufficient for approx. 8 plants in pots

Packaging: 4 x 9 g sachets

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Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger
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Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger
Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger
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