Organic CleanLawn

Organic CleanLawn consists of 100 % natural ingredients. Besides the important main and trace elements it contains a unique combination of naturally occurring mycorrhiza fungi and soil-revitalising micro-organisms that ensures particularly strong and healthy roots and plants. The mycorrhiza fungi increase the surface area of the roots by up to 150 times. As a result, they are able to absorb water and nutrients more effectively. This promotes resistance to drought and frost. The result: the lawn's growth is dense and strong, thereby suppressing moss and weeds in a natural way.

3 in 1 Organic fertiliser derived from natural raw materials – fertilises the lawn , improves the soil and has an indirect action against moss.
Organic CleanLawn
UK - Child and pet safeUK - natural - safe - effectiv
  • Organic compound fertiliser 9-3-5
  • Fast acting and continues to feed for up to 100 days
  • With Mycorrhiza fungi for strong roots and improved resistance against drought and frost
  • No scarifying necessary and also suitable for newly laid lawns

  • Organic Lawn Feed and Improver Video

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  • Scatter 50-100 g/m2, 2-3 times a year by hand or with a fertiliser spreader
  • 8 kg covers up to 160 sqm, 20 kg covers up to 400 sqm

Packaging: 8 kg, 20 kg bag

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I don't feed my lawn so that I don't have to mow it as often. However, weeds have now started spreading.
Do I have to spread the fertiliser with a fertiliser spreader?
Can my pet go onto the lawn again after I've fertilised with Organic CleanLawn?
What should I do with my grass clippings?

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Organic CleanLawn
Organic CleanLawn
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