Insect Hotel

Insect Hotel
UK - contains natural materials
  • Nesting and hibernation aid for beneficial insects such as wild bees, green lacewings and earwigs
  • Handmade – every Insect Hotel is unique!
  • Beneficial insects control the population of pests such as aphids in and around the garden
  • Based on their individual requirements, the insects move into the different “rooms”, e.g. the holes in the wood are particularly used for breeding
  • Food requirements of the beneficial insects will be provided by herbs, flowers, bushes and trees in the surrounding area
  • The wood used is free of timber preservatives


  • Suitable for installation in gardens, on patios and balconies
  • Install the Insect Hotel in a sunny place, protected from wind and rain, near herbage, flowers, home grown bushes and trees to ensure a good food supply for the insects

Packaging: 1 unit

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Insect Hotel
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Insect Hotel
Insect Hotel
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