Mobility – only as much as absolutely necessary

A large amount of climate-damaging CO2 comes from individual transportation. And although sometimes unavoidable, we have taken several measures to restrict our business travel, which sometimes is simply unavoidable:

  • We try to avoid travelling. That's why we have our own video conference room with a Smart Board. Of course this means we can call several people at the same time and we can all see each other, but it also means that we can work on documents at the same time and alter them while we're talking. This dramatically reduces how much we need to travel.
  • All colleagues that travel for work have a railcard and use the train whenever it's possible to do so.
  • However, travelling by car is unavoidable sometimes. We have now limited the CO2 emissions of our company vehicles to a maximum 120 g CO2/km. We want to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gases by up to 10 %.
  • When flights are necessary we voluntarily pay a climate fee based on emissions to the climate protection organisation atmosfair. Obviously we cannot undo the emission of CO2,  but we can compensate for it. atmosfair uses the money to develop renewable energies in countries where these are scarce, i.e. especially in developing countries. In so doing, atmosfair reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.