Proven efficacy

A Neudorff agronomist examines test plants in the product assessment

The effectiveness of all Neudorff products has been scientifically proven in both our own and independent laboratories. The entire product development cycle is accompanied with practical tests in our state of the art experimental garden.
Trials are carried out in the greenhouse as well as in outdoor test areas. Agronomists analyse and evaluate the ability of our products to tackle the problems in the garden, home or in agriculture with vegetables, ornamental plants and even weeds being cultivated for this purpose. Pests such as aphids, whitefly, spider mites and slugs and snails are bred so that we can test plant protection and pesticide products against the same common pests that the average gardener faces in their garden.


Once internal tests have proved successful, the new formulations are tested further in various independent laboratories across Europe in order to confirm their efficacy.