Natural gardening enjoyment for more than 150 years

Naturally successful – since 1854

1854:The fabric dyer Wilhelm Neudorff, together with Carl B. W. Scheibler, founded the Neudorff Company in Königsberg/Prussia.
1861:Neudorff launches the world's first insecticide with natural pyrethrum, a naturally occurring active ingredient from chrysthanthemum flowers. This active ingredient is still used, in a more advanced form, in many Neudorff products today.
1959:Rudolf Lohmann buys the Neudorff company and relocates it to Emmerthal in Lower Saxony, Germany
1985:Neudorff increases its technical expertise through a merger with a Canadian research laboratory
1998:Neudorff presents the first natural alternative to conventional slug pellets. The patented Ferramol slug pellet uses an active ingredient which occurs naturally, Iron-III Phosphate, and is also approved for organic farming.
2004:With Finalsan Weedkiller Neudorff launches the first herbicide with an active ingredient commonly found in nature. Instead of the traditional glyphosate, Finalsan uses an active ingredient extracted from geraniums, pelargonic acid.
2007:Commissioning of the new, state-of-the-art experimental greenhouse garden with a 1,500 m² area under glass, outdoor areas, various laboratories and climate chambers.

Nowadays, the production and administration building is supplied with energy by the company’s own hydroelectric power station on the river Emmer.

2007: Neudorff is Germany's market leader in the pest control sector (Source: Market Research Institute Nielsen)
2010: Neudorff ’s selective lawn herbicide, Fiesta, becomes a big success in North America. It doesn't harm the lawn but quickly and effectively erradicates weeds. Following this success, application for approval in other countries commences.
2011:Neudorff products are available in over 20 countries with more than 1,300 SKUs.
2012: Neudorff products are exclusively available in UK garden centres.